Notre expérience nous permet de trouver des solutions pédagogiques qui comblent les besoins des enseignants tout en reconnaissant les avantages et les obstacles du monde de l'éducation informelle.

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Encouraging creativity and dialogue
We create student and teacher resources that promote more than just rote learning.   Our resources are meant to inspire students to find creative solutions to problems, to observe, analyse, and infer meaning from exhibits and multi-media experiences.

In order to provide these higher-order thinking tools, we work closely with our clients to identify links between the organization’s objectives and the needs of elementary and secondary school teachers with respect to the curriculum.  The activities are hands-on, minds-on and sensory-based whenever possible, challenging students to apply specific concepts demonstrated in individual exhibits to a broader problem or challenge.

Students become more than just passive observers – they are invited to collaborate, make meaning, and create new connections to the inspiring exhibits our clients have created.

Green Approach
Beyond the Blackboard strives to apply sustainable living principals in its day-to-day activities.  With respect to our pedagogical approach, we endeavour to weave sustainability principals into our programs, across all subject areas.